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It’s already time to wrap up another year. We hope it’s been as good for you as it has been for us here at CheerLiving. We have had a blast connecting with you and hope you enjoy this issue’s competition, holiday season and leadership overviews.

Who’s Watching You at Competitions?
Judges aren’t the only attendees at competitions – there’s an entire audience watching you! While it may seem like the judges are the only people that matter, the audience can actually affect your score. Before you can impress the audience, you have to know who actually attends competitions.

Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience

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From tryouts to graduation and everything in between, turn to CheerLiving for tips and advice on all of today’s current issues.


Coaching is more than a whistle and a clipboard. CheerLiving will help you manage all the stages of your season!


There’s more to music than ‘spirit fingers.’ Music, moves, and motions are all topics covered in CheerLiving.


Your child isn’t just a cheerleader, your child IS cheer. Count on CheerLiving to help you answer questions and tackle tough issues.


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